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“I am at Christ’s Church because when Raina and I came to visit we saw a genuine community, an emphasis on the Word of God and a place where you could really see God at work. On top of that, I get to be a part of the creative team that seeks to magnify the gospel by creatively cultivating a worship culture, and that was something that Raina and I both wanted to be a part of. I get to serve Christ’s Church through discipleship and leading worship in various ways. The thing I enjoy most about serving at Christ’s Church is the people that I get to serve alongside as we point people to our incredible God.”

Chip married his wife Raina on December 13, 2014. They have three children, Theodore, Edison, and Winifred.

Chip’s favorite Pastime: Just being with people I love, spending time with my wife and having a good cup of coffee
Chip’s favorite local place to eat
: Hackett Hot Wings
Chip’s favorite movie
: School of Rock

Chip’s story

Chip shares his story with Scott on this episode of the Pathways Podcast.

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