Meghann Arnold
Receptionist & Student Ministry Admin

About Meghann

“Initially, I started attending Christ’s Church when I moved to Joplin to go to school at Ozark. I never expected to attend such a large church, but Christ’s Church quickly became a second home and I began volunteering on Sundays and Wednesdays in Student Ministry. Getting to be a small part of helping students pursue Jesus is the greatest gift I could ever ask for. After feeling called to utilize my organizational gifts to serve the church beyond a volunteer capacity, I became a member of the Student Ministry Team at Christ’s Church in Fall of 2021. As the Student Ministry Assistant, I coordinate with the rest of the Student Ministry Team and communicate with our volunteers to make sure everything is running smoothly in both student cafés and for special events. The most exciting thing about serving with Christ’s Church is knowing that in some small way, God is using me to be a part of reaching students and helping them in their discipleship journey.”

Meghann’s favorite pastime: Cultivating indoor plants or reading
Meghann’s favorite place to eat
: Panera
Meghann’s favorite superhero
: Shuri (Sister of Black Panther)

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