Tori Covert

Finance and Operations Staff

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About Tori

“I am at Christ’s Church because my family made it our home over 15 years ago. As I became older, I decided that I wanted it to continue to be my home because here I am part of a family who is seeking to follow Jesus in every aspect of everyday life.I serve at Christ’s Church on Sunday mornings by helping with communion preparation and day to day with financial operations in the office. I enjoy serving at Christ’s Church because I get to serve as part of a team, where the unique gifts of each individual are joined together to accomplish great things for the kingdom that we couldn’t accomplish alone.”

Tori married her husband John on May 21, 2016.

Tori’s favorite pastime: Cutting firewood, mowing lawns, getting dirty
Tori’s favorite local place to eat: Panera Bread Co
Tori’s favorite movie: National Treasure