Joplin, Missouri

The LifeChoices Clinics reach out with the love of Christ by providing free and confidential services to individuals facing a sexual health crisis such as an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection. Through Connection Institute, the prevention services branch of LifeChoices, students in area public and private schools receive information about making healthy choices in relationships. LifeChoices also has a mobile medical unit that provides on-site services and provides on-site support for local and regional law enforcement combating trafficking in our region.

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Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love.
by Jordynn Griffith

“Every day we have hard conversations with individuals who are looking for answers to some of life’s toughest questions. From the student that is facing the consequences of a choice he deeply regrets, to the young woman who is trying to transition out of a life of exploitation, to the young couple that feels as though a pregnancy will ruin their future dreams – all the individuals we serve have one thing in common: a search for hope, help, and healing.”

Grow in Prayer and Generosity.

Three ways to pray right now:


Pray for individuals to join our team as volunteers, school presenters, and financial supporters.


Pray for those who have been victimized through sexual exploitation to feel safety and compassion from the LifeChoices team.


Pray for those who are exploring their pregnancy options and feel trapped by hard life circumstances to feel loved and supported to choose life for their baby.

Go join the work God is doing.