Writing your prayers can be a helpful way to articulate your thoughts to God, and also a great way to look back on your conversations with him.

Find a journal or digital word processor that you can write your prayers in. This medium should be conducive to articulating your thoughts and feelings, whether through words, pictures, or any other form that you prefer. The point is that you can slow down and speak, and look back and praise.

You can write a lot or a little. The point is not that you conform to a certain style, but that you put out into the world what is being kept in your head and heart. This could be as simple as writing down names of those in need, going through ACTS, Lectio Divina, or freely speaking to God.

Two options to get you started:

Two ways to begin the habit:

Pathways Podcast:
Bible (part 2)

Scott & Peter discuss regular devotional times and journaling. 

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Pathways is meant to show you key avenues to commune with God, so that our lives are characterized by living them with him.  Through Pathways we can KNOW GOD, GROW IN GOD, and GO WITH GOD.

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